Phase 1 - The Short-Term Missions Center to house short-term missionaries      

The facilities for short-term mission teams will be all-inclusive, initially providing:

  1. Clean, comfortable, dorm style accommodations

  2. Meals

  3. Facilities for group meetings

  4. Bathroom, showers

  5. Short-term teams will be given an orientation and provided with ministry opportunities commensurate with their gifting.

Phase 2 - The Mission Training Center in addition to the above accommodations, it will also provide:

  1. A missions-based curriculum and hands-on missions experience, both locally and in other areas.

  2. Instructors experienced in both missions and general ministry 

  3. Laundry facilities

  4. Recreational options on site

  5. Accommodations for couples

  6. A chapel 

  7. Classroom facilities for the Missions Training Center

Phase 3: Bible School facilities to train leaders and pastors

  1. Multiple classroom facilities for a Bible school

Peñasco Mission Three-Phase Project