Stan and Becky Tedrow


                                                          Stan and Becky Tedrow responded to God’s call in 1975,

                                               accepting Jesus into their lives and dedicating themselves to His service. They spent several years working in the local church, serving in various capacities, planting churches and eventually pastoring.

After several short term mission trips to Mexico, the Tedrows answered the call to full time missions and joined a team of 11 people starting a Bible School near Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, mexico in June of 1999. The Tedrows felt called to hold a Sunday Worship Service for Americans, and from this service has grown a thriving multi-cultural bi-lingual church in Puerto Peñasco. The church ha an outreach to the community through a feeding program, 2 FISH Ministry, and has reached out many ways to meet the needs of the community. The church as planted another church in the Sierra Madre Mountain of Sonora, Mexico. The Tedrows has hosted numerous short-term mission teams from the U.S. and Canada and desire to see mission teams reaching into Mexico as well as sending Mexican nationals out to the nations.


Dr.Young Kim and

Mrs. Pil J. Kim(Pam)

                                                      Dr. Kim accepted Jesus Christ as his saviour and Lord when he was in premedical school in 1962 and became an ordained deacon for the Southern Baptist denomination in Louisville, KY in 1979. He was heavily involved in foreign mission works to mainland China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and Korea through his church in Cleveland, Ohio and Salt & Light Mission Foundation which he founded in 2000.   His mission work includes equipping local church leaders with firm knowledge of the gospel and sound doctrine, emphasizing the distinctiveness of Christianity.  He has been a Sunday school director for many years and a choir member as well as chairperson for various church committees.  He graduated from medical school in Korea in 1967 and has been practicing medicine for forty years and is board certified in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. Dr. Kim says, "I am very much interested in helping mission workers in Mexico so I asked God to provide a mission center for them."   The Kims have three adult children living in USA and two grandchildren.

Pam accepted Jesus Christ as savior and lord after being married to Dr. Kim in 1970.  She graduated from art school in Korea and wanted to become a brand dress designer.  She has painted several oil paintings which were  exhibited in public places.  She also wrote a book in Korean and it was published several years ago to help the readers live their lives God's way so that they will not have regrets. She has been very active in the local church as women's mission union president and Sunday school teacher as well as a choir member.  She is a board member for the local community pantry club for indigent people.  

                                                   Leon and Teresa have been in ministry together for over 30 years.  They both attended Bible School in California and also served in California at a Christian retreat.  They helped to start a church in Rozel, Kansas, where Leon first pastored.  From there they served for three and a half years in Mexico, first with an indigenous pastor in northern Mexico and then in Mazatlan, where they planted a church.   

They returned to the U. S. in 1985 and started Living Waters Fellowship in Coronado, CA.  Leon was Senior Pastor for sixteen years, and during this time, Teresa was youth pastor and head of women’s ministries.  Because of their background at a retreat center, they began to do retreats for their church body, and as this ministry expanded, they have spoken at numerous retreats and conferences in the U. S. and abroad. 

 In 2002, Leon and Teresa turned over the pastorate of Living Waters to the assistant pastor in order to be more involved in their hearts' passions of missions and leadership training.  Leon also attended seminary at Fuller Theological and graduated with a Masters Degree in Global Leadership.  Further, they are both certified Mobile Advanced Trainers through Leadership Training International and have established three Leadership Training Institutes in Mexico as well as having taught the material in Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and India.

They are the parents of two adult children.  Leon and Teresa reside in Rancho Mirage, CA when they are not on missions trips.  

Leon and Teresa Shearer

                                                   Conrad and Heidi both born and raised in a Christian home. Corand served the U.S. Navy for term of 7 years, later called by God to go to Rocky Point in 2005. Assisted and Served Under Pastor Stan and Becky Tedrow in Peñasco Christian Fellowship until 2008, when they answered the call to full time mission at the Sierra Mountains of Sonora, Mexico.   

Since July 2008 they have planted four different church in the towns of Huachinera, Bacerac, Bavispe and San Miguel, Sonora, Mexico. Now being called back to Puerto Peñasco by the Lord to start the second phase of the Mission Center, The Training Center.

Now Currently Serving as Mission Directors at the Peñasco Christian Mission Center and still doing mission work in the Sierra Mountains of Sonora.

Conrad and Heidi L. Quiros